Instructor Certification

AquaNatal came to me as gently as a flowing brook. I did not begin to teach how to become American AquaNatal Instructors until the late 90's. It was not until the midwives, attending the educational retreats particularly those from Japan in 1995, asked me for a formal course for AquaNatal instruction. And the women from Puerto Rico pressed me in 1997 to present the first basic AquaNatal course leading to American AquaNatal Instructor Certification, that I focused the American AquaNatal program into a formal training method to certify others as Instructors.

Aquanatal class prenatal water exercise in the pool allows low impact exercise and streching to help prepare you and your body for labor

The AquaNatal Instructor Program is an in-depth course designed to certify Instructors in the American AquaNatal method. The goal of the certification is to empower AquaNatal Instructors to actively participate in teaching and developing AquaNatal programs in their communities.

future teachers of the american aquanatal method of water exercise for pregnancy
Photo journal of the
AquaNatal Instructor Certification Training
held in Budapest, Hungary, January 14-19, 2004.


June 2020
Certification Training Workshop
Budapest Hungary
Nandu Noll
nandu @ nandu . hu

Please ask the actual training's contact person for more information regarding registration, fees and payment.

You will receive a letter of confirmation upon registration and your instructor plan information.

The fee includes:
Help with the instructor plan
The training, course materials, and instructor book.

The fee does not include transportation, lodging or meals.

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